Reading with #OhBoy

When reading our morning papers, we often found #OhBoy peering into it and staring at the coloured images.

So we got him his first book which is about shapes and colours. And now mornings are spent showing and telling stories on them.

He is a happy one staring at them in loop. And his latest trick is that, if you lift a page, he turns it for you 😱

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Wallart in Chennai

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Deepavalli 2019

Happy Deepavalli to all you folks celebrating it!!

En route to Kadapa this morning, somewhere near Thiruttani.

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Pan con Tómate in Chennai

One of our favorite breakfasts is Pan con Tómate (Bread 🥖 with Tomatoes 🍅), a dish that we picked up from our stay in Spain.

It is simple to make. Grate a tomato (we being us, grate a green chilli or two as well) and add salt to taste. Toast bread slices and you are done. . Today we added a Cheese Omelette. Coz more cheese is always welcome! 😜

While at it, the #Ciabatta bread at @oldmadrasbakingcompany is our latest favourite. Hard on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, it is good both plain and toasted. Look at those air pockets in the bread! 🤩

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Having put #OhBoy to sleep, we were catching up on TV. Someone on screen mentions ice cream and the Missus goes ‘‘How long has it been since we had ice cream! *sigh*'’. And as they say, the rest is history! 😂

Both Guava and Roasted Almond ice cream at Apsara Ice Creams are total flavour bombs! Loved it.

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Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi folks! What fun is a festival without good food. *Burps*

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This is us from 2007 to 2019! Happy 12th anniversary to us!!

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Team outing at @writerscafein and they are celebrating #MadrasWeek with some goodies for the patrons!

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Celebrating birthday of The Missus with some Vadai for breakfast. Went well with the rainy morning we had in #Chennai.

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We had consciously decided to use disposable diapers only when travelling outside with #OhBoy! At home we decided to use just cloth nappies.

All it took was 2 weeks to look for alternatives, since the daily rinse and wash cycle was getting too much 🙈and coupled with the rains the drying was taking way longer 🕰! And most importantly #OhBoy! would wake up frequently and be cranky.

We were looking for cloth based diapers and ended up with @superbottoms. We are super happy with their product. It sits nicely between meeting the functional need and being eco friendly. They also had a friendly on-boarding and follow up process!!

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Yesterday’s Chennai rains had some perfect company – chai, pakoras and a good old friend.

@v.niths and I started our career together at TCS, in the same training batch at Trivandrum. It surprising to this day, how we stayed in touch, given that we were at each other’s throats at every possible opportunity during the training.

But then we did stay in touch and kept meeting all around the world - Mumbai, Bangalore, SFO and now Chennai. Hope to see you at some other corner of the world @v.niths. And happy 40th to you! 🥳

Spic School Reunion 2019

Over the weekend we had our school get together. Some 32 of us made it to the reunion. Many of us were meeting after 20+ years. For a few hours the 40 year olds magically transformed to high school kids. How happy were we to be together again!

Flood gates of really old memories were opened up. What fun it was to be with this bunch, who had a common childhood and school life and many many shared memories.

This was for most part enabled by us living in a gated community (or colony we call it) of our parent’s employers, which also had our school inside it. And hindsight, we were indeed blessed to have had such a setup.

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The Fat Boy, Alwarpet, Chennai

I used to be crazy about toppings (pepperoni, meatballs, sausages). Over a period of time, I’ve grown to appreciate the bread/crust of a pizza more than the toppings on it. Now all I crave is a pizza base cooked to perfection with a basic topping of tomato sauce and mozzarella.

@thefatboychennai is one place that bakes such perfects pies. Their airy dough, beautifully charred in their wood fired oven, is such a delight to have. You should check them out if you are in Chennai!

The one in the picture is their Hot Boy pizza. If you love spicy food, this is your pie. .

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These beautifully ripe and plump Rumani mangoes were plucked last week at a farm on ECR!

While last summer we had 13 varieties of mangoes, this year has been more satisfying with just 2 varieties - Imampasand and Rumani.

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Picked some of these Rumani mangoes 🥭 off the trees in a farm on ECR. Sunday is progressing well! 😜

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A couple of days ago, we had been to Abid’s at Spur Tank Road, #Chennai for tasting their #Ramzan iftar menu.

Loved both their Mutton #Haleem and #Nombukanji. Their Haleem was way better than Fisherman’s Fare and Pista House and very reasonably priced too. This was our first time tasting Nombukanji and really loved the lightly flavoured rice and meat porridge.

For the main course, we ordered Pathar ke Gosht and Laham Mandi. Pathar ke Gosht was soft for the most part. But the Mandi was the star of the meal. This highly flavourful Yemeni rice dish was very mild on spice. With the red sauce that was spicy and tangy, it was just perfect. The mutton though looks tough, was falling off the bone.

We ended the meal with our favourite dessert Khubani ka Meeta served along with heavy cream. Heavenly.

At home, I found myself enjoying the lingering flavours of the food in my hands. It was a wonderful meal.

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Kappa Chakka Kandhari, Haddows Road, Chennai

Today’s breakfast was this set 7 course breakfast at @kckfoods.

At ₹275, where you can go on stuffing as much as you can, this is total value for money. The dishes were,

  1. White Bread with Mutton Stew

  2. Idiyappam with Chicken Curry

  3. Ramassery Idli with Sambhar and Podi

  4. Appam and Egg roast

  5. Puttu and Kadala Curry

  6. Vattappam and Duck Mappas

  7. Kappa and Fish Curry

And we wrapped it all with a nice hot Sulemani Chai

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New Pattukottai Kamatchi Mess, T Nagar, Chennai 📍

This was how the epic lunch at the New Pattukottai Kamatchi Mess started.

While this might not look much, their approach of making every gravy/kozhambu on the menu available along with unlimited rice is easy to make anyone a glutton.

Loved everything that was served—Mutton Sukka, Prawn Masala, Viral Meen fry, Chicken Theregal, Crab Masala, Chicken gravies, Crab Curry, Mutton Kozhambu, Fish Curry etc. Among all of those, Brain Fry and Karuvadu Sambal were pretty epic.

Just one advice. Don’t go there if you have to work post lunch.

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First Himam Pasand of the season!

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The joy of seeing rows of neatly arranged books!

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We have some news to share… 😇


Weekend mode!

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And the franchise was exercised!

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