This device — Daylight DC-1 is very tempting. It has the charm of a Kindle with its fast refreshing e-ink technology. I am tempted mostly because it will be less strain on the eyes, and good for catching up on reading without much distractions. But then this is a first generation device. I will most probably wait out for the next version, when things settle down on the hardware and software front.

My company does a monthly curation of interesting tools and services that we come across. Here is this month’s curation.…

Latest video from Paranjoy’s team. Their musical take on the current Indian prime minister.


Such a wonderful piece of life advice that I found this post on Kotte.

Years ago, when I was in my 20s, a bold and artistically daring older friend who has since passed on gave me what I often think was the best advice I have ever gotten. I was worrying what ‘people would think’ of a decision I had made, and she said, “Amanda, There is no audience."

—Amanda Fortini on Twitter

This post from Ben Werdmuller on the anxiety of catching up with social media resonated with me a lot. I am also on the same path — uninstalling apps from phone and posting only on this site.

Social, I love you, but you’re bringing me down

Posting in a space I control isn’t just about the principle anymore. It’s a kind of self-preservation. I want to preserve my attention and my autonomy. I accept that I’m addicted, and I would like to curb that addiction. We all only have so much time to spend...

Happy Valentines day! ❤️

We made brownies that both The Missus and #OhBoy loved. They call it the WBB — World’s Best Brownie.

The reason I am telling this is to share the wonderful recipe from Serious Eats by Stella Parks / Bravetart.

Check it out —

Glossy Fudge Brownies Recipe | BraveTart

Came across this post by @annie

While I loved the initial thought,

The love I give doesn’t depend on the person I’m loving. It depends on me.

What I loved more was the inversion she does in the later part.

Other people love me the way they love me because of who they are. Not because of who I am.

Check it out

Love depends on me

Today through @maique’s post I got to know about Pika, a new blogging platform. But what was more interesting was the company behind it—Good Enough.

They have some tiny delightful products—Letterbird, Quack and many more.

John Oliver’s take on Elon Musk. John is brilliant as always—data and journalistic commentary wrapped in humour.

Obama on the Decoder podcast

I am always amazed by the clarity of his thought. Even on emerging topics like AI he is pretty spot on!

An obituary that unravels a lot more to what was considered a disconnected life!

A nice heart warming obituary and send-off, to an otherwise who was assumed to have had a lonely and disconnected life!

It is perhaps the longest lasting legacy of the pandemic: the loss that trickles its way through every part of society. The great reported and unreported loss of life looms as the world attempts to move on. It may not be the policies, the fines or the conspiracies, but loss that ultimately defines how the pandemic is remembered.

Atilla died alone, and seemed to have no family. But a sex shop told a surprisingly different story

Gender Theory by Judith Butler

A very good primer on Sex, Gender and how to update our thinking about it.

While I was aware of this idea of gender, the fluidity of it and how one is free to choose it, the highlights of this talk for me were —

  • Jews are the only ones usually talked about as targets of Nazi holocaust. We tend to miss out the others who were also targetted - the queer people, gays, lesbians, people with disabilities, people with illnesses etc.
  • Our vocabulary of being inclusive is constantly evolving with ages. We have now learnt to better address people of colour, women etc. The evolution to address the non-binary folks in a better way, acknowledges their existence, which is the very start of hearing out to them.

Go listen to the talk.

Gender Theory

BBC's Dars - a lifeline for Aghan girls

Such a good news to read about the impactful work of passionate folks, in otherwise bleak world news from the last week!

She used to feel as though the world had forgotten about girls in Afghanistan. “I was wondering if there are people out there that care about me,” she says. “I hope one day I will be able to go back to school, but until then Dars can help me to feel connected with my classroom.”

BBC show is a ‘lifeline’ for Afghan girls, UN says - BBC News

Steph Ango - Buying Wisely

The below article by Steph Ango, resonates with how I would also approach purchases. It is nice to see how Steph has put a process heuristic around it.

Whenever I buy things I try to prioritize cost per use. Sometimes I consider other priorities such as cost per smile, cost per thrill, cost per externality, and cost per lesson.

Buy wisely