Copper Grillhouse, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

A few weeks ago, we were invited to the inauguration of the newest restaurant in TTDI — Copper Grillhouse. It is the international avatar of the famous Copper Chimney chain of restaurants in India. They specialise in North Indian and North West Frontier cuisine.

Photo of the first page of the tasting menu of Copper Grillhouse, which gives an overview of the history of the restaurant chain. The menu of the 5 course meal that was served at the opening of Copper Grillhouse restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

Overall we enjoyed the 5 course meal and the celebration. Here are notes on some of the dishes we really enjoyed.

For starters we had Kadak Roomali Roti and Chandni Chowk Chaat. I’ve always relished the soft, chewy and cloth like thin Roomali Rotis, but this was the first time we had them crisp, in the shape of a wok. Also it was topped with a generous amount of Butter and spice powders, making it a tempting eat.

Kadak Roomali Roti, a crisp wafer thin bread topped with melted butter and spice powders. A glass tumbler, layered with boiled potatoes, boiled chickpeas and spiced up with chaat masalas and yoghurt sauce.

From the Tandoor Grills we limited ourselves to just had Paneer Tikka and Chicken Tikka, as we didn’t want to fill ourselves before the main course. The Chicken Tikka was really tender and the dry mango powder (aamchur) in its marinade gave it a nice tang!

A platter of tandoor grilled chicken served with coriander yoghurt chutney

Between the courses, there was a nice performance by traditional Malay dance artists!

Malay artists performing a traditional dance

For the mains, we had the Lasooni Corn Palak. Lamb Rogan Josh and Gosht Dum Biryani. The gravies came with a bread basket. While the palak (spinach) was tasty with the kick of fried garlic, it had something grainy in it like sand, so we just let it be. The Lamb Rogan Josh was just perfect in every way. The gravy was deep red, silky smooth, tangy and spicy. And the meat was soft to the touch. We lapped it up.

Servings of Corn Spinach gravy, Lamb Rogan Josh, Dal and a flat bread basket

By the time we came to the biryani, we were stuffed. We decided to taste just a spoon of it, but ended up having way more! 🙈
It was one of the highlights of the evening for us.

A bowl of lamb dum biryani served with yoghurt raita.

We finished it all with one of the excellent Jabeli’s I have had in the recent times — crisp, not too sweet and mildly tangy.

A plate of jalebis in chrome yellow colour

We were invited to the event, so we have no idea of the prices of these dishes. But we really enjoyed the food and would highly recommend it!

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